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Thursday, 24 June 2021

Moral Science: An Important Aspect of School Education

 The number of crime cases, assaults on doctors and other professionals, violence based on caste, religion, and property, etc are heightening day by day. It seems unbelievable to watch how common people are turning into heinous wild beasts. On the other hand, parents and family members fighting amongst themselves for various reasons also dissipate hatred internally. These offensive activities can have serious effects on the young generation of society. They might either turn immoral or step out to spoil themselves in violence or suffer the consequences of violence from others.

Modern science is a subject that inculcates several attitudes, judgments, values, ideals, and ethics as a firm rational foundation of an individual. These aspects help build the personality and character of an individual. A well-educated person who graduated from a renowned university should be considered immoral if he doesn't know how to behave appropriately with the people around him.

In that vantage point, Johenn Herbert, known as the Father of Moral Education, laid the foundation of moral education through five major ideas of moral character. He believed that school education, on the whole, was about bringing up conscientious citizens to the world.

Moral Science Is As Important As Any Other Subject In School

Moral science ought to be the primary subject of any child at school. Unfortunately, most schools give very little importance to it and encourage the students to concentrate more on the core subjects. However, one should understand that a student's life is full of challenges and competition. If one doesn't know how to tackle these problems while studying, it becomes a fool's paradise. But with a touch of morality, the students can be aided in shaping their thoughts, building virtues, and lining their behavior.

Important Morals to Be Taught At School

When it comes to teaching morals to children, it takes a lot more for the teacher to know, understand and reproduce. Here is a list of moral values to be taught at school







On the whole, modern values help us to differentiate between good and bad, thus leading us to make the right decision. People with morals are masters in controlling their actions, thoughts, and beliefs. They, in turn, become ideal examples for the upcoming generation.

In this present-day situation, where many schools consider only maths, science, and social studies as a part of their school curriculum, some ideal schools are still present which concern moral science. Some top schools of Delhi, such as The Sri Ram School, is one such example in considering moral science as a conventional subject.

Saturday, 22 May 2021

Importance Of Teaching Values At An Early Age

 The early years of childhood are the most crucial for forming a foundation base. In these years, values and morals are taught to the student such that they learn these from an early age. The teachers of the school your child studies plays a vital role in shaping the student who will become a responsible and independent person in the future. Having a school that teaches these values at an early stage as well as allows the child to develop creativity is crucial. ICSE board schools in Delhi, specifically The Sri Ram School, provide these values to the students.

 How Does Having An Early Education Help Your Child?

     During class, children gain social, emotional, and physical development needed to enhance the future of the child.

    Children will also learn to cooperate, share, take turns, and so on.

    The teachers of the school are well trained to identify the weaker aspects of the child and aid them to improve by using practical methods.

    One’s teamwork functionality is primarily based on their recognition of other's opinions, listening capabilities, and mentality in the direction of equality. All those characteristics must be trained at a younger age. Many preschool sports are centered on teamwork and assist kids to enhance their mindset in the direction of running as a team.

    The involvement in activities and sports needs better ranges of awareness from a child. The repetitive prevalence of sports allows them to enhance their awareness skills.

    In the existence of an adult, endurance is frequently examined, and youngsters ought to gain knowledge to address such conditions for the future.

    Experiences including sharing the eye of the teacher, watching for their flip, etc. will assist youngsters in broadening endurance.

    The environment early school sets for the children allows them to respect each other and the surroundings. 

 How Will Spreading Awareness Aid Your Child In The Future?

 Our school spreads awareness about the environment with the students as well.

Being responsible for their home planet from the beginning ensures that these values are imprinted on the students. This includes -

     Being taught about different methods for conserving water and energy, the school will also organize various activities for the student to participate in.

    Rainwater harvesting, composting, recycling, creation of sun power gadgets, etc. are a number of the several tasks that schools throughout Delhi are undertaking.

The youngsters cashing in on such sensible education, their modern thoughts shape the muse for many breakthroughs. 

 If you're a parent looking for an institution that provides early education as well as teaches moral values to the children. The Sri Ram School can help your needs and provide the best possible education, which goes beyond textbooks and examinations but also gives the students a platform to make themselves responsible citizens. 

Sunday, 25 April 2021

What Is Inclusive Education And Why Is It Important?

 Inclusive education fosters the growth and learning of all children, including those with special needs. In such a setting, students interact with each other by sharing the same space and academics. Every child, notwithstanding their abilities, is encouraged to develop and be welcomed by teachers and students alike.

Schools that encourage inclusive learning also look for means to initiate friendships and mutual respect among students. One of the top international schools in Gurgaon, The Shri Ram School is a frontrunner in developing an inclusive education-led environment.

If you haven’t grasped the whole meaning of inclusive education, it means students with different abilities learn, grow and develop together in the same class setting. All activities are undertaken together, and if needed, academic attention is given to those with special needs so they can climb up the ladder alongside their counterparts. Inclusive education places emphasis on diversity and the uniqueness that each student brings. The school must have facilities in place to nurture and support student needs.

Schools that promote inclusive learning also reflect certain principles, such as that all children can learn and attend age-appropriate classrooms. The curriculum is designed to support all children alike, and every student can participate in extracurricular activities. Students are more sensitive to everyone’s needs as well as more tolerant. They have a better understanding of each other’s strengths and can appreciate weaknesses to collaborate over projects. Thus, inclusive education limits unfair practices and changes biased attitudes. 

Growing with peer support also builds confidence among all students. They learn new skills and the importance of collaboration and discipline. They’re provided with as much support as is needed to ensure they participate in all activities – academic and extracurricular – at school. The school itself is designed to facilitate inclusivity to help students reach their highest potential. School staff is trained to be attuned to students’ needs and work together to achieve goals. 

There are several benefits of inclusive education. Children advance as a part of society and develop unique life skills to become better prepared as adults. With more learning opportunities, they can go on to set higher goals and have better prospects. They’re motivated to foster their strengths and gifts. Inclusive education also promotes a culture of mutual respect, with children learning to accept differences in a constructive manner. Children also get to form and maintain special friendships that could provide role models and encourage them to grow.

Inclusive education, at its heart, is about finding a way to involve students with different abilities and come together creatively to make schools a better place to learn and grow. Top international schools in Gurgaon are increasingly paying more attention to inclusive learning to foster talent. 

Tuesday, 16 March 2021

An ICSE Board Education is the Key to Your Child’s Future

 Education boards play a pivotal role in shaping your child's career goals and contributing to one's development and growth. Proper homework is needed before deciding on a particular board for your child. Let's briefly look through the two predominant education boards in India.


        The syllabus of CBSE focuses more on Science and Mathematics. The course matter is precise and more comfortable when it comes to knowledge delivery.

        CBSE provides fewer subjects with a compact curriculum.

        The abundance of theoretical knowledge from a CBSE syllabus helps students compete in IIT-JEE and NEET competitive exams.

        For parents whose work involves frequent traveling, CBSE might be the right choice. As CBSE is a preferred board across India and you'll find more schools.


        ICSE board schools in Delhi give equal importance to all subject streams, including Science, Mathematics, Arts, Language, and even Humanities.

        These schools emphasize the English language that helps candidates appearing for TOEFL, IELTS, and other language standards for entry to foreign universities.

        ICSE board is more inclined towards real-life ideas and application than mere theoretical knowledge.

        ICSE provides a broader scope of the syllabus as some schools even offer creative subjects like home science, agriculture, arts, humanities, and cooking.

        Such schools help your child cultivate better analytical abilities owing to their extensive syllabus.


How ICSE Education Benefits your Child?

ICSE certificate of passing is globally recognized. Several foreign institutions recognize it as equivalent to their high-school examination. The syllabus content in ICSE board schools in Delhi is vast, rich, and in-depth for a wholesome understanding of students.

The more balanced and inclusive approach of the ICSE curriculum strengthens language skills and holds students in good stead when applying for higher education abroad. Every theoretical concept is ventured into their labs to gather hands-on experience. Education is not limited to learning by rote alone. Project work, group assignments, research, and internal assessment have heavy weightage to fare well in examinations.

The ICSE methodology focuses more on quality than quantity. It satisfies the curiosity and nurtures the analytical mind of your child. A strong foundation promises a flourishing corporate career and much more.


Tap into an Immense Future Potential

The Shri Ram Schools are one of the pioneer ICSE board schools in Delhi. The curriculum is crafted keeping child-centric education in mind. The diverse teaching methodology is based on the latest teaching research. The teachers are trained and experienced to bring forth the best combination of a wide breadth of teaching styles as per their student's psyche. 

Monday, 14 December 2020

How Extracurricular Activities Fuel Overall Personality Development?


The term extracurricular activity refers to any kind of activity that is focused more on the overall character development of the child rather than just the course-based knowledge. Most schools give equal importance to both textual and physical education aspects of their curriculums, with more activities getting added to cater to different interests of students. Common sport activities like football, basketball, cricket to more creative avenues like theatre, music and dance schools are pulling out all stops to ensure that they leave no stone unturned for the ideal growth of their students. So, why are extracurricular activities so important?

Time Management

A lot of students understand the value of time management when they engage in extracurricular activities. Balancing both the strenuous work undertaken during any given extracurricular activity and other aspects like homework helps in building discipline and prioritising work according to time. Most topschools in Delhi encourage their students to divide their time wisely between their in-class assignments and other things like theatre practice or football trials.

Exploring Interests

The best part about extracurricular activities is that students can explore their own interests in a thorough and more educative way. Getting to know about different techniques and learnings from their teachers and also building an interest in different sports and cultural activities can be beneficial once the child grows up. A lot of sports professionals or actors were discovered in school before they became famous, so the chances of your child excelling in his extracurricular activities are a lot!

Emotional balance

While the regular classroom syllabus helps in developing left side of the brain responsible for logic and reasoning, co-curricular activities helps developing right side of brain responsible for creativity and imagination. Students who are heavily invested in co-curricular activities have a high EQ and they can handle tough life situations way better than their other classmates.    

Leadership Skills

Whether you are the team captain of your cricket team or the director of the play in your theatre group, the various opportunities provided by the best day boarding in Delhi and NCR helps the student grow his own leadership skills which might come handy in the future when they are pursuing career-based opportunities.  


Monday, 7 December 2020

Why A School Trip To Uttarakhand Is A Good Idea For 2021?

 In these times of pandemic, though schools are finally partially open in the country, everything isn’t normal, so to say as yet. With teachers interacting with students over a laptop screen, students and teachers both are feeling a nerve to finally come back to normal routine.

Besides missing regular classes and interaction with friends and peers at school, there is one more thing that students missed in 2020—a school trip.

While top schools in Delhi and NCR region are trying their best to bring back everything to normal, they must plan a trip to Himachal Pradesh (of course, while following the rules of social distancing) to give both students and teachers a leisurely break. 

A trip to a state like Uttarakhand is a good call as the region boasts panoramic landscapes and natural beauty which is worth witnessing. The state is divided into two administrative divisions, namely Garhwal and Kumaon and both are equally charming. Uttarakhand is a great place to plan for a school trip and here are some of the prominent places to visit there.

Jim Corbett

Named after the famed hunter/wildlife conservationist Jim Corbett, the town is host to one of the oldest and best-preserved national parks in India. The steady, cool temperature is the perfect environment for both its flora and fauna to grow and be protected from any kind of external human interference. It is also one of the most popular tourist destinations, with its healthy population of Royal Bengal tigers its biggest attraction. Since it was the first to come under the government’s Project Tiger initiative, the forests have been well maintained for safaris. You can also spot other creatures like leopards, deers, elephants and various different kind of birds making it the ideal spot for budding environmentalists and wildlife enthusiasts!


Practically neighbours to the Jim Corbett National Park, Nainital has long been one of the top most places when it comes to weekend getaways from nearby cities like Delhi and Chandigarh. The host of restaurants, market places and the vast lake which gives the town its name brings a quaint and poignant charm every time you visit it. Nainital also has a lot of small towns and lakes surrounding it which are part of the overall Nainital district. One of the best activities in Nainital is the cable car ride that gives you tremendous views of the town, its neighbouring towns and the whole valley!


The small town of Almora was established in the late 1500s and was part of various kingdoms like the Katyuris and Chands. It is now known for its famous temples, which include Nanda Devi and Binsar Mahadev which are full of structures constructed during the times of its princely history. It is also close to the Binsar National Park which is one of the highest national parks in India.

Monday, 14 September 2020

Methods Schools Must Apply To Make Learning Easy

A world where living like robots is becoming a norm, it is important to create our children and not manufacture them. An ideal school should embrace all kind of ideas and not mold them in a certain way. Children should be taught to be open to new ideas, develop curiosity and imagination. 

As a parent choosing the right school for our children is already a dilemma and having limitless options makes it even harder. There are ample schools but unfortunately, they always do not allocate all the necessary resources or amenities, thus making them a bad choice. To make sure that your children are receiving proper and apt education, look up for the following qualities in the classroom.     

Innovative Educational Practices

The biggest criticism that our education system faces, is that they have fixated on the blending learning process for all the students. The reality is that every kid has his or her own capabilities, potential, skills but molding them under the same bourgeois system annihilates their uniqueness. Every school should provide with co-curricular, develop better and innovative teaching techniques and yield ample opportunities. It is important for students to explore their opportunities at an early age.

Reliable Staff And Faculties

Teachers act as role models for the students. They have very strong influence in shaping children’s attitude and personality, so it is important for a school to have teachers who possess the necessary and admirable qualities for grooming up students. They should encourage their students to learn new things and not mug them up. Good and experienced teachers tend to act as a catalyst in helping their students excel in their academics and shape a better tomorrow for themselves. An efficient supporting staff is crucial for every educational body. Starting with doctors, nurses, psychologists a school should meet all the necessary requirements and be prepared for any kind of emergencies.

Creating An Optimistic Environment

A classroom is a place of creativity, innovation, and imagination. The aspects on which a child build its personality. Motivating and encouraging them in class is crucial and most important of them all is to make them feel safe. All the top CBSE and ICSE schools in Gurgaon and other cities have ensured that the teachers and students collaborate with each other and make the classroom a more productive and effective place. Keeping the campus free of ragging and bullying should be of main priority for the school and implementing strict punishments for any such heinous activity.  

Providing Clean Premises

Cleanliness is next to godliness’ we all have been taught this phrase when we were in school but very few of the schools abide by this. Providing a clean and hygienic campus and teaching the students how to keep it clean is the responsibility of the school. It is important for the welfare and well-being of the students and any school refraining to so should be penalized. The best schools in Delhi and other cities in the country have always considered cleanliness as their priority.